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Instant Savings - Call the World from 1p/min

Quick Start: 2p/min (from landlines) when calling:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh (inc mobiles), Belgium (inc mobiles), Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile (inc mobiles), China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus (inc mobiles), Czech Republic (inc mobiles), Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia (inc mobiles), Finland, France, Germany (inc mobiles), Greece, Hong kong (inc mobiles), Hungary, Iceland, India(inc mobiles), Indonesia (inc mobiles), Ireland, Israel (inc mobiles), Italy (inc mobiles), Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania (inc mobiles), Luxembourg, Malaysia (inc mobiles), Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland (inc mobiles), Portugal (inc mobiles), Puerto Rico, Romania (inc mobiles), Russia, Singapore (inc mobiles), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea (inc mobiles), Spain (inc mobiles), Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand (inc mobiles), Turkey, Uruguay, USA (inc mobiles), Venezuela (inc mobiles), Vietnam (inc mobiles)
Simply dial 0844 838 8484 first (24hrs a day 7 days a week)
See below for access numbers to other destinations including mobiles abroad.



Calling from a Landline: Landline to Landline and Landline to Mobile

1) Select the country you wish to call

2) Dial the relevant Access Number. At any time during the welcome message, dial the full International number beginning 00…. And that’s it!

How you pay for the calls you make - When you make a call via InstantSaver, you only pay for calling the access number. This is charged by BT or your mobile/cable company. So for example, if you made a 5 minute call to the US from a BT phone, then next time you get your BT bill, you would see a call to our 0844 number, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 15p and absolutely no charges from us.
Note, the international number will not appear on your bill, only the Access Number.

Important: mobile networks charge a higher rate than shown for calling access numbers. See cheaper TXTsaver option below when calling abroad from a UK mobile phone.



Calling from a Mobile: Mobile to Mobile and Mobile to Landline


Use your free minutes to call friends and family abroad from just 1p/min. By just sending a text, you get £5 worth of Cheap Call Credit to make very cheap calls from your mobile or any other phone. Unlike phonecards, there are no PIN numbers to enter or return visits to the shop and your credit never runs out - just dial the 0207 access number and call the World from 1p a minute.

1)       Select the country you wish to call. This will confirm the TXTsaver rate when calling from a mobile.



2)       Text the word saver to 80550. The text costs £5 (charged by your mobile network) which gives you £5 Cheap Call Credit to use from any phone.
You will receive a TXT message with full instructions confirming our 0207 access number shown below, plus a unique PIN number should you wish to make calls from a different phone.


3)       Dial 0207 124 6666 from the same mobile. At any time during the welcome message, dial the full International number beginning 00…And that's it! (No PIN required when dialing from the same mobile)




All about texting 80550

  • You must have a valid UK mobile number on T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Virgin or Orange to use this service.

  • Pay As You Go mobile users must have at least £5 credit before texting the word saver . 

  • Bill payer's permission must be obtained before texting. 

  • You may top-up your Cheap Call Credit by texting saver to 80550 at any time.






    Terms and conditions 

  • Rates are quoted in pence per minute and calls will be rounded to the nearest penny. 

  • A connection charge equivalent to the per minute rate applies to all calls (Taken from the £5 Cheap Call Credit)

  • Calls to the 0207 access number are taken from your mobile's free minutes or charged at the standard rate you pay to call a UK landline.

  • To use your £5 Cheap Call Credit from a different mobile or landline, dial the access number as before, however you will be asked to enter your PIN number (included in the confirmation TXT sent to your mobile after texting to 80550)

  • When dialing from a landline, you may wish to use the freephone access number 0800 594 6666. (Note a surcharge of 2p per minute applies to all calls when using 0800 access number)    



    For Customer Services call 0870 900 9092 or email  cs@instantsaver.co.uk





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